Christine Armstrong

Holland MI 49424

Facebook: ExerciseRuckusLLC


Now offering classes at Macatawa Legends Monday and Wednesdays at 10:15 AM or Wednesdays at 6:45!  Enjoy the beautiful surrounding while enjoying mindfulness and body awareness! 

These yoga class's are for beginners or people who would like to try yoga in a small group setting.

We are not all flexible.  Most of us have “issues”  or limitations, physically and/or mentally.  Its how we challenge ourselves to improve our own well being that make the difference.  

These yoga classes are for beginners or people w/ chronic conditions who are afraid of failure or pain.

Training in as pain free movement patterns as possible progressing slowly and steadily for your personal success.

These yoga classes will help you start on your own path for basic instructions, correct poses and postures, and modifications  and adaptations for people with limitations.  Breathwork and mindfulness are part of the process for feeling and understanding how your body responds to movement.  


There are many paths that people

take while practing yoga

Some are looking for spiritual mindfulness

Some are looking for global stretching

Some are looking for global fitness

Some are looking for balance

Some want all of the above

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