Personal training with a personal touch.

Christine Armstrong

Holland MI 49424


Facebook: ExerciseRuckusLLC


Outdoor training at VanBuren St Park Begins Oct 6 2017  Friday's at 11:30 AM

Hike beautiful dunes and woods

Add fitness w/ bands and body weight for an hour of outdoors fitness.

1st class is free, after that $5 per class or just $20 a month!  

Learn how to add fitness to your walking  or running routine.  


Those I've Helped...

Christine has been educating people how to move for over 30 years.  For the past 15 years she has worked at a clinic in Holland Michigan as a Physical Therapy Assistant.  She is SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) certified and is currently working toward her yoga certification and AMN neuological training.  She is a rehabilitation specialist!


-Global fitness


-Specialize in corrective  movements


-Restorative Yoga


-Chronic Pain



-Balance Training



-Core stabilization and    strength





-Weight Loss



-Physically Challenged






Vicki began personal training with me after many years of poor health, surgeries, and diabetes.  She was told to never walk outside for fear of falling and “breaking” something.  I have worked with her for 4 years now and she is indeed able to walk outside.  She was also able to travel to Europe, walk for miles, climb hills and keep up with her group.  Her family was amazed at her new-found strengths and she is happy that she made the conscious effort to make those health changes safely and limited discomfort.

Jan was looking for someone who could train her, but not overtax her.  She had back surgery and had poor balance and stability challenges.  She couldn’t walk her two Scottie dogs down the street, or work in her garden for fear of hurting her back.  After a few months of training 1 time per week, she was not only able to walk her dogs, but able to climb large numbers of stairs at a local park, and with some modifications able to return to her garden.  Her husband has now become a client, training at their home.  

Marc Miller is a professional race car driver.  He was in a bad crash with several injuries.  When he was finished with physical therapy, he was looking for a trainer who could keep him in correct alignment, but also prepare him for the biggest and toughest race for his career.  LeMans in France, a 24 hour grueling race which as a few months away.  Not only was he able to drive that race, but also won several prestigious races here in the USA, and we continue to train for this years' 2017 race season.

 Any trainer can make you do push ups, but Christine specialized training can help you achieve your goals safely   


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